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Pentecost in Belize is more than just a crusade, it's a movement. Pentecost in Belize aims to meet the spiritual needs as well as the natural needs of the Belizean people. Belize is a country marked by unimaginable and widespread poverty. So many people go without life's basic necessities. Pentecost in Belize is determined to do its part to change this.

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School Lunch Program

 Despite living in a tropical paradise, food is scarce for many Belizean people. In recent years Belize has experienced record immigration due spikes in violent crime in neighboring countries.  This has ultimately lead to  inadequate food supplies.   

A recent study found that 19.3 percent of children in Belize ages 12 and under are stunted in growth or suffer from malnutrition.  It is our desire to fill the gap with the assistance of partners like you.  Your generous donation will allow us to provide healthy meals to impoverished schoolchildren.  Please partner with us today and stop a child from going hungry.


Free Dental Services

For most Americans, if they have a toothache they do not think twice about heading to the dentist.  Many times, their hesitancy is based on their dislike with having dental work done and not their lack of dental insurance.  However, in Belize there are many individuals and families that do not have basic dental insurance and suffer in pain because of their lack of dental insurance.  Your partnership will assist in changing the narrative for many. During Pentecost in Belize 2020, we will have a team of dental professionals and volunteers that will provide free dental services to those who are in need.


Sponsor a Child's Education

Education, a guarantee for most children living in 1st world nations, is a luxury for the citizens of Belize. It only cost $70 US dollars to send a child to school, yet many Belizean families simply cannot afford it. Many children drop out of school as early as ten in order to work to support their families. The children of Belize needs your help! Donate $70 today and change the life of a young child.

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